Unsure if Life Coaching is for you?

Try a discounted 'try before you buy' sample session with me

I appreciate that committing to a Life Coaching Package of 3-12 months may be daunting for those who have not experienced coaching before. I understand that some people need more than a 30 minute phone chat to feel confident that they have the right person for them.


As a way of getting around this I offer the option of a ‘try before you buy’ session at a discounted rate for those who want the opportunity to see how I work before committing to a package.


This is a one hour session either via Skype or in my Castle Hill rooms to explore what brings you to coaching, what you feel you need and how I might be able to assist. In this session, you can ask any questions you have and experience a taster of what it will be like to engage in Life Coaching.


*  A brief set of notes will be provided to you following this session. *


There is no obligation to purchase a package at the end of this session.


Cost:  AUD $220 (incl GST)


If you are ready to jump straight in and launch fearlessly into a Life Coaching Package you can browse the options here