Life Coaching Fees


Life Coaching differs from Psychological Therapy in many ways, in essence because it has transformation at its heart as opposed to healing. It is well suited to those who are looking to develop clarity about their future path or to make substantial changes to their lifestyle or the way they engage in various parts of their lives. It may be to explore new career options, to address issues in finding and maintaining relationships, for better health or achieving some other goal that is important. Primarily it is about transformation through accelerated personal growth.


The pricing for my Life Coaching services differs from that of my Psychological services for several reasons. Essentially this is because I use a greater spread of both coaching and psychology techniques, approaches and models to support these clients. I also make myself available via email for additional time in between sessions and offer the option of comprehensive session notes (Life Coaching Notes Example). These are high value additions that are not available to my Psychology clients at this time and essentially translate to a lower hourly rate than I charge for my therapy services. In addition, unlike for psychology sessions, I am also required to charge 10% GST for coaching sessions.



60 minute coaching session – no notes: $220 (incl GST)


60 minute coaching session – with notes: $265 (incl GST)