Have you ever considered working with a Life Coach?

I invite you to stop for a moment, become still and really check in with yourself. How happy are you with the level of joy and meaning in your life right now?

Give it a score out of ten

Do you feel like you are in control of your destiny – clear about your purpose in this life and confident you can achieve the goals you set for yourself? Or do you feel rushed, reactive, or worried that your life will end and you won’t have worked out what you are here for or got to all the things you dream of?

Do you feel deep down that you might have a job to do in this life that you haven’t quite understood? An elusive whispering in the back of your mind that tells you there is more you are supposed to do? That it is time to wake up?

Perhaps you have a habit of making life decisions that later seem to be undermined by self-sabotage or you procrastinate when you try to make changes in your life?. 

Do you wonder what people mean when they say they are guided by their gut or intuition? You suspect yours is saying something but it’s too quiet to hear or in a language you can’t quite understand?

Perhaps you find it hard to remember the last time you felt really in flow with yourself – experiencing uninhibited pleasure or happiness because you have got into the groove of your life?

Are you an online course and self-help book junky? Maybe you have spent hours of your time and vast sums of money looking for answers to questions you can’t quite articulate and failing to follow through on the actions you desire for yourself.

Are you a sensitive and empathetic soul who frequently feels wounded, isolated or misunderstood by others?

Do you feel that you dim your light in order to fit in and appear acceptable – not sharing your less conventional ideas or thoughts about life for fear of being judged or rejected?

Perhaps you find yourself endlessly hoping that one day things will slow down enough so that you can finally catch your breath and REALLY start planning and living your most authentic life?

If this is you, Life Coaching might be just what you need to help you step off the reactive rollercoaster of stress and get your life in order – to take charge and get moving, actually moving towards the life of purpose that you really want to live. A life where you feel in charge of your destiny, in tune with your needs and excited about the future! A life where you are fully awake, feeling great and ready to be the writer of your own grand story!


*Please note that I am not currently offering services to clients in the USA or Canada 

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Bernadette McCarthy and I am an Holistic Psychologist, Mentor and Life Coach. I integrate the skills of life and health coaching with psychological expertise to tailor high quality transformation packages that are designed to help you move past the issues that are holding you back from a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

More than just addressing what pains you, I am interested in supporting you to dream big and bring your deepest desires to fulfilment.

I work holistically by considering all the aspects of your being, from your career, relationships, thought patterns and spirituality, to the food and love you put into your body. Whilst I will not be your therapist, my training and experience means I can also hold space for any additional non-clinical anxiety or depression issues you may have.

My clients come from across the globe and include entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, executives, teachers and parents who are ready to create a more satisfying, meaningful and successful life for themselves. They often have a desire to serve, influence, lead or create but feel hampered in some way.

I have a passion for assisting those who know they want to leave the world a better place for them having been in it, but feel held back by their lack of confidence, life circumstances, emotions, relationships, health, fears or self-sabotage. 

I believe that chronic stress has become a huge barrier to our collective wellness, creativity and ongoing evolution. This stress keeps many of us distracted, in reactive mode and ‘asleep’, preventing us from doing the work this world needs us to do in order to heal and grow.

My PASSION is to work with those who know that they have a bigger and brighter life to live and want to give something back to the world. The movers and shakers, the introverts who feel held back and those with a burgeoning awareness of their potential.

My TALENT is in uncovering the potential and sparking the light of transformation in our change-makers, lightworkers, healers, parents, leaders, teachers and creatives. Helping you to wake-up, clear your path and connect to your powers. Enabling you reach your fullest potentials for growth, love, success, influence and health.

Sessions are provided in the comfort of my professional rooms in Castle Hill, Sydney or via Skype or FaceTime for your convenience.

I think we might be coming to the end of this current age

Despite unprecedented privilege and wealth in our modern societies we are more unhappy and distressed than we have ever been. We are born with curiosity, love and acceptance of all things, but this becomes whittled away from the moment we perceive that we have to hide parts of ourselves in order to be accepted. Most of us have been sold implicit and explicit messages about what is important and how we should live our lives instead of being encouraged to explore this for ourselves. We live within a cult of productivity that has normalised stress and fails to appreciate the importance of our unique personal gifts, our ability to nurture, our need for play, reflection and contemplation, and our intrinsic beauty as human beings.

We are surrounded by fear that there is never enough – money, time, possessions, space, love….

…that we are not enough.

I observe that there is a growing movement of people who are leaving this way of thinking behind to embrace a new paradigm that there is enough – that we can live successful, joyful lives and elevate the planet by living authentically and following our dreams


I fully subscribe to this new way of being and invite you to join me in casting off these old habits and beliefs in order to make room for a more joyful and satisfying way of living that fits with the world we inhabit today.

Do any of these distractions seem like you?

I waste energy everyday putting a ‘mask’ on and pretending to be ok

I’m confused about what I want from my life and don’t seem to be able to work it out by myself

I have trouble experiencing happiness or gratitude even though good things do happen in my life

I can’t seem to get my health, weight and/or energy where I want it to be and it’s holding me back

I feel like I go from one stressful situation to another and I’m not in control 

I’m carrying baggage from the past that I want to let go of so that I can get on with my life

I’m not sure if I’m in the right relationship, friendships, work or business 

I always seem to have an undercurrent of worry or low mood that I just can’t seem to shift

What’s different about coaching with me?

I’m experienced at what I do

It is my privilege to have been working to improve the lives of clients of diverse ages and walks of life for nearly 20 years. I am a highly experienced practitioner who will get up to speed with you rapidly and efficiently so that you get on your path and move towards your goals quickly and with the minimum of fuss. I remain humble that I cannot possibly know it all, but I have developed a successful life and career doing what I love every day because I walk my talk and (most days) know what I am doing!

I have life experience

As a mature woman, mother, wife, business woman and professional I have had plenty of life experience in my 40 odd years. I have struggled as a parent, have faced my own chronic health issues, I’ve suffered from depression and stress and I have baggage that I have to work on all the time. My clients know that there aren’t any strategies or exercises that I ask them to try that I haven’t used myself because I don’t have a perfect life either. I can teach about transformation because I have lived it! 

You can learn more about me here.

You are protected and get what you pay for 

As a Psychologist I belong to a highly regulated industry with a strict code of conduct and requirements for substantial ongoing professional development every year. Whilst there are many excellent life coaches practising in the field, the industry itself still has piecemeal regulation meaning that you have no guarantee that your coach is appropriately trained or continuing their learning in order to provide a professional standard of service. Whilst I will not be your therapist, you will still benefit from this accountability.

Anxiety and Depression don’t need to be a barrier

Because of my mental health expertise I am able to hold space for clients who are working towards their life goals whilst managing non-clinical issues with anxiety or depression. In fact, it is my experience that people often become anxious or depressed because various areas of their life are out of alignment with their core values or desires. Whilst I won’t be your therapist, my expertise will allow me to offer you understanding and support and I am also likely to be able to let you know if you have mental health issues that warrant additional intervention from a local practitioner.

I provide my coaching clients with comprehensive session notes

I am mindful that it is very difficult to absorb and retain all that is covered in a coaching session, particularly if the ideas are new or come thick and fast! In order to improve the value that my clients take from our sessions I offer comprehensive notes that summarise what we have covered, and identify useful strategies and tips to try at home in order to consolidate the learning. I take great care with these notes and they are often 2-3 pages long. These notes are hugely valuable – not only during the coaching process but for many years afterwards as you can consult them again and again whenever you need a refresher or reminder. Please note, I only offer this service as part of my coaching packages after which it becomes an optional extra.

I am invested in your success!

Every client I work with has their own program of life coaching designed specifically for them depending on their stated desires, their personal ‘brand’ of blockages and their readiness for change. Through many years of supporting people to transform their experience I observe that it takes at least three months for most people to establish new ways of being that stick in the long term. Initial rapid change is often followed by a plateau, then complacency and a mini crisis as old habits, self-sabotage and default programs try to re-emerge.

Because I understand this pattern (and don’t get discouraged when it happens) I only offer packages that run for a minimum of three months. This enables me to reassure and support my clients to push through these barriers and ensure that they are not wasting their coaching investment. One-off periodic sessions may seem more affordable but unless your coach is Tony Robbins or you are very experienced at using a coach, they tend to be a false economy.

Regular, consistent sessions provide an opportunity to build and maintain momentum, to navigate difficulties in a timely manner and to extract the greatest value from the time and money you are investing. In addition, I take this time to build and nurture meaningful connections because I want to be excited and invested in your success too. I acknowledge that other practitioners may work differently but for me, this way of working creates happy clients who feel genuinely cared about and who reach (and often exceed) their goals.

Do you want any of these things?

I want to truly understand myself so that I can create a life that fits my unique talents and personality

I want to experience better relationships, friendships, career or health

I want to feel like my life has a plan and a purpose that I am in charge of

I want to be abundant, successful, influential and supported by people who ‘get’ me

I want the courage to let go of the old and take risks with the new

I want to be ok with all of my emotions – even the negative and uncomfortable ones

I want to feel confident speaking up and making changes in my life when things are not ok

I want to learn how to dream big and feel confident that I can reach my goals

Most of us are living reactive lives where our stress sabotages our ability to make considered and mindful choices about our life direction.

How might it feel to have regular time to reflect on your life and explore ways to make it more meaningful, satisfying and joyful?

How might it feel to start moving forward with clarity, confidence and purpose, in alignment with your values, strengths and dreams?

So, you’ll notice that there are no testimonials on my site. Unfortunately, Psychologists in Australia are prohibited from collecting and sharing client testimonials as it is considered a breach of our code of conduct.
Bernadette McCarthy

Psychologist and Coach

Are you ready to step up and explore your REAL potential?

A note on the expense of life coaching

How much is too much when it comes to investing in your personal growth and wellbeing?

Of course, I can’t answer that question for you but I suppose it comes down to how unhappy or out of alignment you feel right now, how strongly you feel the call to awake and how much value you place on your personal development.

We are all different in how much distress we can tolerate and how much we believe we are worth

At this point in history we are experiencing a growing crisis in our modern societies with unprecedented rates of lifestyle related diseases, chronic stress, mental health problems and general life dissatisfaction. Somehow we have been convinced that material possessions and living life in a pre-determined, cookie-cutter manner will make us happy. We have been seduced into believing that there is more value in an expensive car, a wide screen TV or a pair of Jimmy Choo’s than there is in investing in our own personal growth to ensure that our life meets our true needs and desires. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness instead of within. 

We have never had more wealth, education, priviledge or opportunity, yet many of us are unhappy, unfulfilled, unwell or generally unimpressed by our lives. It is truly sad. Waiting for things to slow down so that we can upgrade the experience of our lives is just never going to happen in the world we live in today. It will only happen when we make a deliberate decision to stop long enough to reflect and move forward making conscious and mindful choices about what we truly desire and how we want to live.

Step up with me!

‘I believe that we are on the cusp of some enormous changes as humanity becomes ready to start deciding for themselves what makes them feel connected, successful, abundant and joyful. I’m glad and proud to be a facilitator for that change and invite you to be part of it with me.’